20/25 HP, from GMU22 Onward
i.e. 'Wire markers' for Pre-WWII R-R/B Automobiles
20/25 marker usage from series V onward (from GMU22):

  E51071-6, Bush (Ignition Wires), 2 ea, one at each end of wire, style P.

  E18449, Chater Lea spark plug terminals as used on the late Ghosts are called for on all of the 20/25's.

As discussed on the 20HP page, even though E53204 is titled simply for '20HP' it is applicable to all of the 20/25's. Both the LOP and GA are located on the RROC, 20HP disc under the Wire Fittings and Ignition Wiring headings respectively.

The right hand side note on page 1* of the LOP E53204 says: "J - 1 off ea required up to the end of 'U' series". The LOP on page 1 calls for 2 each of 6, E51071-6 (style P), markers. On page 2* there is a callout for 1 each of 6, E17793-8 (Style Gp), markers but with a note: "M - Not used after 'U' series". The U series ( to GMU21 ) was followed by the V series ( from GMU22, 20/25 number 1001 ). Taken together, this information tells us that starting with the V series there was a single style of marker called for: 2 sets of E51071-6 (our style P).

This is the ONLY model for which all markers specified for the car were of the same style. There was no E51070 (style Z) on the coil wire.
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