Bentley 3 1/2L
i.e. 'Wire markers' for Pre-WWII R-R/B Automobiles
For 3 1/2L Bentley, all series A - F:

  E51071-6, Bush - Ignition Wires, 1 ea, on distributor wires, style P.
These likely had circles (as style Pc) even though this part number originated with the late Ghosts where it would have likely been uncircled.

  E72986-91, Bush - Ignition Wires, 1 ea, blind marker at the spark plugs, style BB.
These likely had circles (as style BcB) even though this part number originated with the PI where it would have likely been uncircled.

This is the first model to indicate that Ross-Courtney connectors were used at the spark plugs. The LOP* indicates that it was a 'Type 3/16" dia'. An R-C would allow use of the blind markers which are indicated by the part numbers on the LOP. The blind markers with R-C connectors were on the 3 1/2L and all subsequent small HP cars.

There aren't many Derby Bentley drawings to show wire marker usage. The number applicable to the 3 1/2L is EB238, both the GA and LOP* of this number are titled for Bensport J1. The undated LOP is found on the RROC Bentley disc under 3 1/2L Wire Fittings. The very poor quality GA is found under 4 1/4L Ignition Wiring; another case of mislabelled drawing titles provided to the RROC.

There is very little information to be gathered from EB238GA except that it shows a distributor with a coil wire entering from the top with a coil wire marker in place in its upper left corner. It is not known for certain whether the E51070 coil wire marker was ever used on the 3 1/2L cars. It is possible, but if it weren't true this would not be the first time that a GA had shown an error. EB238LOP* indicates that the A & B series cars did use parts consistent with having a top connected coil wire but there is no mention of having used the E51070. 'Bentley 3 1/2 and 4 1/4L in Detail', by Nick Walker, shows an A series distributor setup in a photo on page 44. There is a single coil with the coil wire entering from the top. The wire markers at the distributor are shown, but it cannot been seen whether or not an E51070 is present.

The LOP* notes indicate that the C series onward used two coils, with two coil wires and connector plugs, but an E51070 is not called out for either of the wires. The dim shadows of the Nick Walker photo at the bottom of his page 61 indicates that the second coil wire connection was plugged into the base of the distributor in a fashion similar to the unused magneto (or battery) wire of the 20 HP. Since no small HP car since c1923 had used the E51070 coil wire marker, we tend to believe that none of the Derby Bentleys had this item, although the A & B series might possibly have used one.

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