Silver Ghost, series J-P
i.e. 'Wire markers' for Pre-WWII R-R/B Automobiles
We can offer the style Gp markers at this time.

Ghost series J-P marker usage:

  E17784, Cap, Numbered, for distributor wires, 1 ea, on the coil wire, 1" long, style Gz.

  E17785-90, Cap, Numbered, for distributor wires, 1 ea, at the distributor, 1" long, style Gq.

  E17793-8, Bush, Numbered, for ignition wires, 3 ea, at both spark plugs and the magneto connections, style Gp.

There are no plans to reproduce the following which were mated to the spark plug markers.
  E2807 - Terminal, open ended hook terminal formed from brass tubing used at spark plug end of magneto (and battery ignition?) spark plug wires.

The part numbers for these marker styles come from the Hunt House Ghost parts book #6 which covers these series. (We would appreciate page scans of the appropriate pages from book #6.) Previously, each 6 or 7-piece set of markers was assigned a single part number. We now see each individual marker number having a unique part number. Unfortunately, we lack information and samples to know for sure what the styles Gq and Gz might look like. The RROC drawing CD for Silver Ghost provides no GA or LOP 'Wire Fitting' information. However, there is sufficient other information to likely tell us that with these series there is a major change in Ghost markers; the stripes on the magneto connection markers are no longer being used.

'E17793-8, Bush, Numbered, for ignition wires', our style Gp. This is the first use for these 0.475" x 0.450" number rings. They are a smaller size than markers used previously, but still not as small as all the styles to follow. On these Ghosts 3 sets are specified but no detailed location information is given.

'E17784-90, Cap, Numbered, for distributor wires' is a series of seven consecutive marker part numbers. All we know about these 7 parts is that they were 1" long. On all later drawings such a consecutive numbering would indicate that it includes a '0' as well as the numbers 1-6. The word 'Numbered' might further indicate a number zero was used instead of the letter 'C' that the earlier Ghosts used. For all other applications we have seen, the 7-pc marker set always goes on the distributor since the 7th part is the distributor coil wire marker. The parts book #6 authors did not explicitly mention that this set includes a coil wire marker. Since earlier Ghosts had a coil wire marker they could have assumed it was obvious. Knowing that these 7 parts are at the distributor, it is easy to deduce that the other 3 sets of style Gp markers were at both spark plugs as well as the magneto connection terminals.

We have seen no drawing for E17784-90 so we can only speculate based upon the above information that E17784 carried the number zero. E17785-90, the 1-6 numbers in this series, are called our style Gq. Since it may have carried the number zero, we have assigned E17784 as our style Gz in analogy to our smaller style Z which replaced Gz in 1923.

The J series cars came out in 1919. The date on drawing E17799, List of Magneto Wires (dated 9.4.19), would lead us to believe that it was applicable to these series of cars. It shows an E2807 terminal fitted to the spark plug end of each magneto wire in conjunction with rubber sleeve E2775 and a style Gp marker. The magneto end of the wire used a style Gp marker without a terminal or rubber sleeve; the end of the conductor strands were drawn free. It is likely that this terminal was also used at the battery ignition spark plugs as well, but that is not confirmed since no corresponding 'List of Battery Wires' drawing has been found.
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