Phantom I (from 1CL, Al Head)
i.e. 'Wire markers' for Pre-WWII R-R/B Automobiles
PI marker usage for series F2B Onward (from chassis 1CL, the Al Head cars):

  E51070, Bush, Numbered for distributor wire (Distributor end), 1 ea, style Z.

  E52369-74, Bush, Numbered, 1B to 6B, for battery ignition wires (Distributor end), 2 ea, style B.

  E71190-5, Bush, Numbered, 1M to 6M, for magneto ignition wires (Magneto end), 2 ea, style M.

  E18449, Chater Lea terminal, 6 ea. These do not allow the use of blind wire markers.

  E75629, Chater Lea terminal, 6 ea. There is a note associated with these saying: 'Use E18449'. The PI Parts Index was published before this second type of Chater Lea was used so it doesn't provide any help with identifying the part number. Since both of these terminals were used on the PII, we can find both in the PII Parts Index. The only difference between the two Chater Lea terminals is a 45 degree bend.

Both ends of each set of spark plug wires now carry the same style markers.

PI series F2B was the first of the aluminum head PI's. The PI Parts Index is not very useful for these cars since the index was published 2 years prior to the head change. Not only was the head changed, but so were the spark plug terminals necessitating a change of wire markers. The tubular end of an aluminum head's Chater Lea terminal fits over the end of the ignition wire insulation and prevents using a blind marker style. The spark plug end markers are now changed to a non-blind style in LOP E77340*. A later LOP drawing, E77937 applies from series G-2-B but the specified markers are unchanged from those listed in E77340. Both of the LOP's are located on the RROC, PI disc under Wire Fittings. Only the latter GA is avaialbe on the same disc under the Ignition Wiring heading.

Note that the coil wire marker is clearly shown and labelled in the upper left corner of GA E77937*. The numeral zero is clearly visible on the marker.
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