Phantom II
i.e. 'Wire markers' for Pre-WWII R-R/B Automobiles
PII marker usage:
  E51070, Bush, Numbered for distributor wire (Distributor end), 1 ea, style Z.

  E52369-74, Bush, Numbered, 1B to 6B, for battery ignition wires, 2 ea, style B.

  E71190-5, Bush, Numbered, 1M to 6M, for magneto ignition wires, 2 ea, style M.

  E18449, Chater Lea terminal, 6 ea.

  E75629, Chater Lea terminal, 6 ea. There is a note associated with these saying: 'Use E18449'. The only difference between the two Chater Lea terminals is a 45 degree bend. The two terminal types are illustrated in the PII Catalogue of Parts.

We have both the PII Catalogue of Parts and the LOP E77671* for PII wire marker information. The LOP carries a date of 12.10.28 and the index was published about half way through the model run in May 1931. The same marker information is found in both. The LOP is not on the RROC's PII disc, but is instead found on the PI disc under the Ignition Wiring headings. Its drawing number falls between two others for PI and since the drawings are labelled for 40/50 HP, the placement error can go unnoticed without reference to the series usage information. Such misplacement errors are not uncommon on these discs and are simply the perpetuation of undetected filing errors in the unscanned documents as received by the club.

The marker styles specified for the PII are identical to those for the last series of PI's.
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