Phantom III
i.e. 'Wire markers' for Pre-WWII R-R/B Automobiles
We have defined four styles for the PIII corresponding to the four drawings describing these parts. Each spark plug wire has an identical sleeve on each end. 'A' sleeves are for the 'A' cylinder bank spark plugs (and 'B' for 'B' bank) while the 'E' sleeves are for plugs on the E(xhaust) side of each head and 'I' sleeves are for the I(ntake) side plugs: 48 sleeves in all. The four styles on all PIII's were visually identical although a different material was specified for the D series sleeves (part numbers in parenthesis).

  E87509-14 ( E89000-05 ) Sleeve - 2 ea; style BE.

  E87515-20 ( E89006-11 ) Sleeve - 2 ea; style BI.

  E87521-26 ( E89012-17 ) Sleeve - 2 ea; style AE.

  E87527-32 ( E89018-23 ) Sleeve - 2 ea; style AI.

  E87918, 24 ea, spark plug terminal assembly, all of the numbered sleeves were open cylinders.

The sleeve usage information for PIII is found in drawing E85451. Links on our Usage by Model page are in the center column for the 2-page LOP or in the right-hand column for the GA*. Both the LOP and GA are on the RROC CD's but not on the same disc. The GA is on the PIII disc under Wire Markings but the LOP is on the PII disc under Ignition Wiring. Both are clearly titled for Phantom III unlike nearly all previous large HP drawings since 1907 which had been for '40/50'.

The LOP gives a different set of part numbers for the sleeves on the A,B & C series cars, E87509-32, and the D series, E89005-23. The drawings for the parts themselves differ mainly by a change of specified material. The earlier ones were Synthetic, the later ones made of Erinoid. It is the consensus of PIII owners that there was no discernible difference in the sleeves for the different series and it is thought that the number change likely signified only a change of supplier. The 24 distinct sleeves are the same overall dimensions (0.400' x 0.400") as other contemporary styles but the characters on the sleeves are rotated 90 degrees with respect to any others. No coil wire sleeves are called for, nor are any known to have existed, but the GA* is drawn with them in place on both distributors. All other large HP cars had used them; someone in the drafting department must have thought they would be continued.

As with many others, all eight drawings for PIII (four for each number set) carry the instruction 'Engrave' although the originals have molded, raised characters like all post-Ghost styles. The Synthetic set is a 'R-R Moulding' with instructions to: '1. Mould, 2. Engrave'. The Erinoid parts are 'Bought Out' and the instruction is to simply: '1. Engrave'. There are a few existing engraved sleeves for PIII that were spares procured c1980 from Appleyard Rippon which came labeled with the later, series D, R-R part numbers. It is not believed that such engraved parts were used on the cars when new. If anyone has contrary evidence, please let us know.

We want to thank the PIII Technical Society for their help in gathering the raised character originals to reproduce these unique styles. Reproduction PIII sleeves are now a standard Stores item available to both members and non-members. Contact the PIIITS for information on pricing and availability.

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