25/30 HP Wraith
i.e. 'Wire markers' for Pre-WWII R-R/B Automobiles
A different style marker is used at each end of each Wraith spark plug wire:

  E61372-7, Bush - Ignition Wires, 1 ea, on distributor wires, style Pc.

  E61378-83, Bush - Ignition Wires, 1 ea, blind marker at the spark plugs, style BcB.

As with all models since the 3 1/2L, the LOP* calls for Ross-Courtney connectors, 'Type 3/16" dia', with a blind 'B' marker at the spark plugs.

The pre-war Wraith had two distributor arrangements. The A & B series cars used a new design Delco-Remy (EW1242)* distributor while the C series reverted to the R-R (EW1288)* distributor design. The LOP for the Delco-Remy and both of the GA's are on the RROC Wraith CD under the normal Wire Fittings and Ignition Wiring headings.

The two coils on the Wraith are not the same as those used on the 25/30 or 4 1/4L, but the markers used on their wires are the same part numbers as the late versions of both models. From 1937 onwards, all the small HP models were using the same part number markers. All other non-PIII style type part numbers had fallen into disuse by the time the Wraith was introduced. No coil wire markers are called for in the LOP and we do not believe they were used. However, the EW1288 GA* for the R-R distributor seems to have one drawn above the distributor coil wire connector in both the end and side views. This R-R distributor is very similar to many others since the 20HP and the drawing seems to retain the early 20's coil wire marker even though one was not used for the Wraith. EW1242* shows the new Delco-Remy distributor. This graphic was created c1938 to show a new distributor type. It does not include a coil wire marker but neither does it put markers on the spark plug wires at the distributor as shown in the Wraith handbook. Handbook XVIII also illustrates markers at the spark plugs but they are easy to overlook since they are background detail behind the dual coils.

EW1242* is a cleaner drawing but the spark plug detail on either GA is similar. Spark plug connections in the top view show each wire and marker suspended near the shank of a spark plug but the actual connecting terminal is omitted. The detail of an R-C connector may have been too difficult to draw accurately. In the side view, marker numbers are all drawn upright with varying orientations to the wires; this is a drafting artifact with no basis in reality. No arrowed note attaches part numbers directly to the distributor end markers. Instead, both GA's list a 12 number sequence, E61372-83, at the spark plug markers identical to those in the LOP's for the A & B series as well as late 25/30 and 4 1/4L models. Drawings for the higher numbered parts clearly illustrate that they were blind. Since blind markers can only go at the spark plug ends, this indirectly tells us which numbers went in which position.
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